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Glass Trophies and Awards

Glass awards have long been a symbol of distinction and recognition. Every glass trophy from our collection stands out for its exquisite craftsmanship and captivating beauty. Whether honoring an outstanding employee, celebrating a milestone, or acknowledging a top performer, a glass trophy sends a clear message of appreciation and achievement.

With our personalized glass awards, there's no shortage of styles or options to pick from. Prestige glass, jade glass, and countless other artistic designs are available. Whatever your special occasion is about - employee recognition, corporate awards, or something else entirely - our custom glass trophies make it memorable.

Glass Trophies and Awards

Discover the Elegance of Glass Awards and Trophies

Nothing is as elegant and timeless as glass trophies and awards to recognize excellence and achievement. At Trophy.com, we're proud to introduce a new category of glass trophies that will add a touch of sophistication to your awards ceremonies and corporate events.

Our clear glass awards are amazingly versatile. Whether you're hosting recognition awards at the office or celebrating special milestones at home, these elegant pieces are a prestigious addition. Thanks to beautifully crafted glass, you can be certain that our custom glass trophies will stand out in any room.

Variety of Glass Awards

Our glass trophy collection includes various options to suit your needs. Everything from classic glass trophies, perfect for commemorating excellence in style, to sleek and sophisticated glass plaques. Glass plaque awards combine the beauty of glass with the honor of an award to display achievements and milestones.

For those seeking a touch of artistic flair, our art glass awards are the perfect choice. These handcrafted pieces are not just awards but works of art that capture the essence of excellence.

Jade Glass

Rich in special green hues, jade glass is stunningly beautiful and designed to resemble jade stone. Jade glass has become extremely popular thanks to its innately opulent appearance and compatibility with customized, free engraving.

Some of the most common shapes of jade glass awards are round, peaked, and rectangular. Typically, these are best used for acknowledging top performers in certain fields, paying tribute to an individual's newly reached milestones, or congratulating someone for crossing a particular threshold, such as graduating top of their glass.

Art Glass

While standard glass typically includes personalized engravings, art glass comes with artistic designs. The glass itself is still used as a form of expression, though it relies much less on engravings and more on the colors and creativity within the glass itself.

Trophies made of art glass come with unique flair, thanks to their different hues, shapes, and other artistic formations. Standard glass awards naturally capture attention in rooms, but art glass trophies are undeniable conversation starters and great for photo ops. Their special aesthetics can't be easily replicated and you generally won't see two identical pieces of art glass.

Glass Trophies

On average, you'll come across glass trophies in square, circular, rectangular, and triangular forms. These trophies are generally used as sports awards or to acknowledge people who've won competitions, completed certain programs, or otherwise achieved an admirable milestone. Glass trophies are also commonly engraved with the name of the achiever, along with the award they've won and the relevance of the applicable milestone.

Glass Plaques

Given their considerable popularity, glass plaques are typically available in rectangular, octagon, square, and diamond forms. Generally, employee accomplishments and other corporate milestones are honored with glass plaques. Like glass trophies, plaques generally come with engravings of the recipient's name and accomplishment.

Benefits of Glass Trophies

Unlike other trophies, glass trophies are versatile and mesh well with all different types of events and occasions. Glass trophies also remain in high regard, owing to their elegant, sleek aesthetics. Here are some of the benefits of glass trophies.

Classy and Refined

Glass trophies are well known for their timeless beauty, something that's highlighted even further when light reflects off of them. The high-class ambiance of glass trophies is a perfect symbol of the importance of someone's newly accomplished milestone.

Reflective to Numerous Degrees

Glass, by its very nature, is reflective. Being awarded a glass trophy also presents a wonderful opportunity for the recipient to reflect on their new achievement and everything that brought them to this point. In corporate settings and other environments, a glass trophy is symbolic on many levels.


Glass trophies do well in the corporate world, but they're also well-suited to acknowledge other milestones, whether graduating from a class, winning a humanitarian award, or retiring after a long career. The inherent versatility of glass trophies will keep them in high demand for many years to come.

How to Customize Your Glass Trophy

As you're putting together your trophy, knowing what goes into customizing it makes a huge difference. Thankfully, the process is straightforward.

Choose Your Design

The first step to getting your glass trophy customized is figuring out what design you want. You'll have many options to choose from, as glass trophies come in many shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, diamonds, and more.

Decide on Size

Once you've determined the design, next up is the size. Ideally, you want the award to be not too small or too big. It should be big enough for any text or logos you may want to include but not so big that it's hard for the person to carry or transport after receiving it.

Enter Your Text

The text on your custom glass trophy is very important. Generally, the name of the recipient is included, along with the reason they're being honored and the relevant date of the award. Feel free to add additional text if you think it's appropriate.

Add a Logo

After you've selected the text for your glass trophy, consider whether or not you'd like to include a logo. In corporate settings, many of these trophies do include logos that are related to the award being bestowed.

Customize Colors

Adding color to your glass trophy can significantly boost its customization. The hammer star acrylic trophy allows for color customization, as does the manolita star, reece animals trophy, and others.

Corporate Glass Awards

Regarding corporate recognition, glass trophies from Trophy.com set the standard. They are the embodiment of corporate elegance and appreciation.

Simple yet elegant, custom glass awards make a powerful statement. Create a lasting impression by adding a personal touch with custom engraving and unique designs. Craft a glass trophy that reflects your organization's identity.

Engraved Glass Awards of Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

At Trophy.com, we understand the importance of quality glass trophies and awards. Our glass trophies are crafted with precision and attention to detail. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Personalization adds a special touch to any award. Our engraved custom glass awards are meticulously crafted to ensure your message of appreciation is beautifully preserved.

Order Your Glass Trophy Awards Today

Ready to elevate your awards ceremonies and recognition events with the unparalleled beauty of glass awards and trophies? Explore our collection today and discover why glass trophies from Trophy.com are the perfect choice for honoring excellence. Whether you want your glass awards engraved or your glass awards custom made, we're here to help.

With options ranging from classic glass trophies to engraved glass awards, we have everything you need to make your recognition moments memorable.

Take the chance to make a lasting impression. Order your custom glass trophies now to experience the epitome of elegance in recognition.

Choose Trophy.com - Where Excellence Meets Glass.

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