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Golf Awards and Trophies

Looking for the perfect trophy? Golf is an important, highly competitive sport that deserves high praise, which is why every golf trophy on our roster is unique and creatively made. We offer golf awards and custom golf trophies to commemorate special achievements on the green.

Whether you're looking for a golf trophy made of crystal, glass or metal, we've got you covered.

Golf Awards and Trophies

Trypes of Golf Awards

Crystal Golf Trophies

For aesthetic clarity and brilliance, consider a crystal golf award. Our crystal awards come in peaks, rectangles, and other sophisticated shapes - perfect for bestowing honor during a prestigious golf tournament or ceremony.

Glass Golf Trophies

A glass golf tournament trophy is a classic: sleek, high-quality, and distinctively made to honor major achievements on the green. You can customize each glass trophy or golf award in our wide selection with unique and elegant forms.

Metal Golf Trophies

Every metal custom golf trophy from our collection is built to last, with a textured exterior that mirrors the hard work involved in earning it. The design of each metal golf trophy cup and award symbolizes the spirit of golf and the glory of earning recognition.

Stone Golf Trophies

Stone golf trophies for golfers, tournament competitors, and other honorees are in a class of their own. Symbolizing strength and durability, a stone golf trophy is unique and memorable as it's less common than other types of awards.

Wood Golf Trophies

By nature, wood golf trophies are warm, inviting, and timeless. While all our trophies can be customized with free engraving, wood is perfect for carving logos or symbols. These awards are known and appreciated for their sleek linear designs and rich Albion bases.

How to Customize Your Golf Awards and Trophies

Engraving is an important consideration when making decisions about golf plaques, awards, and trophies. At Trophy.com, we make it easy to personalize your trophies with logos, branding, and color choices.

Choose Your Design

When selecting a design for a golf trophy, make sure it's fitting for the occasion or achievement being honored. Rectangular and star-shaped trophies typically commemorate major milestones and progress, while circle and peak awards have a timeless appeal that suits celebrations of all varieties.

Decide on Size

The size of each golf trophy matters just as much as the design. It's standard for smaller, six-inch trophies to be given as participation awards. A slightly larger 12-inch trophy, on the other hand, is appropriate for honoring modest achievements.

Medium-sized trophies, ranging between 25 and 36 inches, are often bestowed to honor accomplishments of a higher statute. Larger trophies, which can measure between four to six feet, are generally reserved for recipients who've won highly publicized competitions.

Enter Your Text

Written text is essential for golf awards. In most cases, custom text includes the honoree's name, the date of their accomplished milestone, and the reason they're being honored. When getting a trophy for the winner of a golf tournament, include the name of the winner, the date they earned the award, and the name of the team they played for.

Add a Logo

A logo helps commemorate an event or occasion, which is why we offer the option to include custom logos on your award. If you decide to include a logo, you may also want to include the name of the golf team or other relevant groups.

Customize Your Colors

Once you've decided on the design, size, text, and logo details of your custom golf trophy, choose your custom colors. Whether you opt for your company colors, team colors, or something totally your own, we can make your golf trophy truly one-of-a-kind.

Why Trophy.com?

We go to great lengths to ensure that you receive a golf trophy that perfectly symbolizes hard work, dedication, and high achievement. We're committed to delivering world-class awards that celebrate golf milestones at every level.

When you choose Trophy.com, you're guaranteed an array of customization options and excellent customer service. Explore our quality golf trophies and find the perfect way to celebrate achievements on the green.

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